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Laws & Legislation

The MICPA tracks legislation and has compiled a list of key laws that affect the CPA profession

Political Action Committee

Your contribution to the MICPA’s bipartisan Political Action Committee (PAC) ensures the CPA profession’s visibility and involvement in the public policy-making process. 

Political Education Fund

The MICPA Political Education Fund (PEF) uses firm/corporate contributions to fund advocacy initiatives and political/legislative education.. 

Grassroots Activities

MICPA organizes and sponsors grassroots events to provide an environment for members to develop and enhance relationships with Michigan legislators and regulators.

License Mobility

Mobility is the ability of a licensed CPA to gain a practice privilege outside of their principal place of business without a license. 

Michigan Business Tax

The MICPA is your resource for guidance in implementing the Michigan Business Tax, as well as providing updates when technical changes are proposed and implemented by the State Legislature. . 


Michigan State Board of Accountancy

The Michigan State Board of Accountancy (MSBA) is responsible for the certification and licensure of certified public accountants and public accounting firms in Michigan.


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