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Money Management Articles

Money Management articles provide financial tips on a broad range of topics. Kids going to college? Own a small business? Buying a new house? Money Management articles can help. Take a look at some recently published articles, or use the search function on the web site to find information about a specific topic. 

Don’t Miss Out on Free Stuff (and Great Bargains)
Are you taking advantage of offers for discounts or free merchandise? Many people are watching their spending these days, and your dollar will go a lot farther if you can get more for less money. The Michigan Association of CPAs offers these tips...
Live Well in Retirement
Are you concerned about being able to pay for a secure and happy retirement? The good news is that there are many costs that retirees typically don’t face, such as commuting to their job, buying a business wardrobe or saving for their...
Do’s and Don’ts for Withdrawals from 529 Plans
Total tax-advantaged 529 college savings plan assets are expected to balloon to $237 billion by the end of 2015, according to Financial Research Corporation. If you or someone in your family is planning to start college soon, it’s likely...
Using 529 Plans to Fund Grad School and Education for Career Changes
College and postsecondary education is no longer just for young people. There was a 43% jump in the number of students age 25 and older during the first decade of this century, and another 23% rise is expected by 2019, according to the National...
Five Financial Tips for Single People
Almost half of all adult Americans—or nearly 100 million people—either have never been married or are divorced or widowed.  Many of these people incorrectly decide that financial planning is something that only married people do, but...
Avoiding the Penalty on Early Retirement Plan Withdrawals
The money that you’ve built up in a retirement savings account can look awfully tempting at times, particularly in an uncertain economy. If you feel you have no choice but to withdraw from a retirement account, you may find that it’s...
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Dealing with Identity Theft
Nearly 12 million adults were victims of identity fraud last year, up 13 percent from the previous year, according to Javelin Strategy & Research. Identity fraud or theft occur when thieves use your personal information to commit a crime, whether...
What You Can Learn from Your Tax Return
Tax time may be over, but before you store your return in the attic, take a moment to review it. According to the Michigan Association of CPAs, you’ll find that you can discover a lot about your financial situation and identify changes that...
Steps to Improve Your Financial Literacy
Do you wish you had more control over your financial situation? The good news is that you don’t need to read a textbook to improve your financial literacy. In fact, according to the Michigan Association of CPAs, there are a few simple steps...
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Don’t Miss these Tax-Saving Opportunities
The tax filing deadline is looming midway through this month and many people are rushing to finish their returns. If you’re one of them, are you certain that you’ve taken all the deductions and used all the credits to which...

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