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Sample Privacy Policies

How to Develop an Internet Privacy Policy

Whether your company has an Internet presence or not, it is important that you address privacy issues.

Online users are especially concerned that information they supply over the Internet may be misused or distributed without their permission, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act now requires CPAs to disclose their privacy policy to clients.

Privacy policies, at the very least, should address:

  • Information Collected. Describe the information you collect and how you plan to use it. This is critical for personally identifiable information you are collecting, such as telephone number and Social Security number
  • Mandatory and Optional Data. Indicate whether the information being requested is mandatory or optional, and explain what the result of providing optional information will be.
  • Tracking and Logging Data. If you are requesting specific information for tracking purposes, include a statement on how that information is being logged and how that information is being used.
  • Sharing of Information. Indicate whether you provide any information to third parties, the names of those third parties, and how these entities will be using the information.

The significant growth of e-commerce and the complexity of privacy issues may result in new privacy laws. The following guidelines and examples will help ensure that your privacy policy addresses key consumer concerns.

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