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Reach an active and highly targeted audience by sharing your message with tens of thousands of visitors each month on the MICPA website!

Home Page Banner Ad

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MICPA's website is visited by over eight thousand CPAs each month! Maximize your exposure with a banner ad in a premium location on the home page.

Average Monthly Home Page Traffic:
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1 Month: $600

3 Months: $1,500

CPE Store Accent Banner Ad

CPE Store Ads

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With more than 7,000 average monthly page views, the CPE Store is one of the highest traffic areas on the MICPA website. Users tend to spend long intervals viewing CPE search results, giving you more exposure time and making the CPE Store a great place to display your brand.

3 Months: $1,200

6 Months: $2,000

12 Months: $3,600

Career Center Box Ad

Career Center Ads
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The MICPA Career Center is a great opportunity to reach thousands of CPAs who are focused on professional growth, searching for a job or seeking a trusted source for classifieds.

3 Months: $300

6 Months: $500

MICPA Mobile App

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The MICPA Mobile App allows members to to access tools that support CPAs on-the-go. Gain repeated exposure as members make use of our app over time. Remain visible as users move to various sections on the app. 

1 Month: $500

CPE Guide

The CPE Guide serves as a a reference tool promoting continuing education and important resources CPAs need to know. It is printed and mailed to more than 7,000+ CPAs four times per year. Gain visibility and showcase your expertise in this popular resource guide.

$2000 per page

e-Publication Advertising

Leverage MICPA's popular and highly targeted e-publications to build critical brand awareness with CPAs.

e-News Ads


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A weekly publication with information and updates that keep CPAs ahead of the curve.

$200 per issue

Student e-News Ads

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A publication helping accounting students prepare for their
future careers.

$200 per issue

Educator e-News Ads

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This publication supports educators seeking tools to foster interest in young potential CPA candidates.

 $200 per issue

e-News Advertorials

Put your message in front of a targeted audience of CPA readers by placing an advertorial article in e-News, Student e-News or Educator e-News.


$300 per issue

125 Words

Student e-News

$250 per issue

125 Words

Educator e-News

$250 per issue

125 Words

CPA Advocate Ads

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A newsletter distributed to members as relevant legislative information becomes available. Our highest opening rate among publications.

$675 per issue

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