Who We Are

We are the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA). With over 19,000 members, we are the leading statewide professional organization dedicated to promoting and enhancing the value of the CPA profession. We represent Michigan CPAs working in corporate finance, education, government and public accounting.

As trusted advisors for both businesses and individuals, MICPA members meet strict statutory and regulatory requirements as CPAs and embrace the highest standards of professional and ethical performance. Since we were founded in 1901, we've been working to keep the profession strong. Our initiatives include:  

  • Providing premier professional development options including more than 300 conferences, workshops, and seminars annually as well as offering thousands of webinar and self-study programs to keep members on the leading edge
  • Leveraging strong relationships with legislators to advocate for CPAs and the public interest
  • Offering a variety of opportunities to stay connected to the profession and engage with the community
  • Delivering the ideal platform to meet and connect with CPAs across the profession to build lifelong professional relationships
  • Supplying our members with innovative resources and thousands of quality educational options that make maintaining their license easier
  • Facilitating a comprehensive quality review program for auditors
  • Ensuring compliance with a strict Code of Professional Conduct

The MICPA is committed to providing the services, opportunities, and support needed to power the success of our members...now and moving forward. 

Our Vision

CPAs are trusted professionals who enable people and organizations to shape their future. Combining insight with integrity, CPAs deliver value by:

  • Communicating the total picture with clarity and objectivity
  • Translating complex information into critical knowledge
  • Anticipating and creating opportunities
  • Designing pathways that transform vision into reality

Take a closer look at the MICPA membership

19,000 Members Strong

  • 61% - INDUSTRY
    • 20% Business
    • 6% Government & Education
    • 25% Students
    • 10% Retired & Life

We Are Decision Makers


of members are executives with decision-making-capacity and are involved in purchasing.

We Are Statewide

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Our Mission

To enhance the success of CPAs and their value to society. 

2018-19 MICPA President’s Report 


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The MICPA Strategic Plan


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