2017 CPA License Reporting Details

An Important Notice from LARA


January 19, 2017

Dear Licensee,

The 2017 renewal period is quickly approaching!  The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is pleased to announce we have streamlined the renewal process to 100% online renewals.  No more paper!  You will be required to provide your MICPA CPE Tracker code or provide course information regarding your continuing education as part of the renewal process.  If you have not set-up your MICPA CPE Tracker account, we encourage you to do so prior to the renewal. It is a convenient service to save your continuing education certifications and information and will simplify your renewal process. Please note that the department will continue to conduct random audits to ensure that licensees are meeting all the requirements for renewal.  To set-up an account with the MICPA Tracker program, please go to: https://www.micpa.org/login

Renewal reminders from the Department will be generated for all CPAs in April providing information for completing the online renewal process.  

Please click the link below for more detailed information on continuing education requirements.  

Continuing Education Rules.pdf 


Bureau of Professional Licensing                 

Licensing Division                                                                                          

(517) 241-9288