CPE Terminology

CPE Terminology  

Continuing Professional Education (CPE): An integral part of the lifelong learning required to provide competent service to the public. The set of activities that enables CPAs to maintain and improve their professional competence and are necessary to maintain an active CPA license in the State of Michigan.

Live / Group Study

Those educational processes that are designed to permit a participant to learn a given subject through interaction with an instructor and other participants either in a seminar, conference or webinar format. Materials are presented in a group format with substantial interaction from a qualified instructor who is responsible for answering participants' questions or who leads the discussion of individual topics presented in the materials.


A course that covers a particular subject in-depth and is led by a subject matter expert. Participants will gain an intimate understanding of the topic matter and will be able to interact with the instructor in order to address their specific questions.


Offers timely information and best practices on a vast array of subjects to help CPAs and financial professionals stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. Guidance is provided on standards as well as information for a specific industry. Each conference allows time for open dialogue between attendees and thought leaders. The format is generally a keynote followed by breakout sessions.


Similar to a seminar or conference, you attend a webinar at a scheduled time, only you attend via your computer or tablet by accessing a web page that hosts the course. Webinars include audio and video of the speakers, slides and handout materials through the web. Participants are able to interact with the webinar instructor and attendance is monitored throughout the program via tracking codes or polling questions to ensure it qualifies for live group study.

Self-Study Programs

Provide ongoing feedback for the participant regarding the learning process without substantial interaction of an instructor/facilitator. These types of programs can include courses in which course materials are sent to a participant and after completing the course and the final exam, the participant sends the final exam to the sponsor either electronically or by mail for grading. The sponsor may send the grade either electronically or by mail to the participant. It is important to be aware that no more than 50% of your annual CPE hours can be self-study or on demand.

On Demand

Designed for today’s busy professional, this format offers immediate online access to individual courses at any hour. Using audio, video, graphics and text, these multimedia presentations offer state-of-the-art interactivity that will enrich the learning experience. These programs offer the latest information available and may provide tips to help avoid common pitfalls, case studies designed for today’s complex business world, and practical guidance for dealing with critical areas of practice. For on demand courses taken through the MICPA, your CPE credits will be automatically entered into the CPE Tracker once you have completed the final exam. It is important to be aware that no more than 50% of your annual CPE hours can be self-study or on demand.


Maintaining Your License

Do you have questions about the State's requirements for maintaining your CPA license? Take a look at the MICPA's comprehensive guide and get the answers you need.

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