CPE Tracker FAQ


Question: Do I have to use the MICPA CPE Tracker to report my hours to the State?

Answer: There are two ways in which a licensee can renew, via the State’s website, or by utilizing the MICPA CPE Tracker. See the attached guidance for further clarification here


Question: Can I renew my CPA license through the MICPA CPE Tracker?

Answer: No. You will still need to renew your license through the State of Michigan, as you always have. The CPE Tracker simply provides you with a more convenient way to provide a report of your CPE hours to the State.

Question: Is the MICPA now enforcing CPE requirements?

Answer: No. The MICPA plays no role in the enforcement of licensing regulations.

Question: Do I need to enter my MICPA courses into the CPE Tracker?

Answer: No. All courses provided by the MICPA and by MICPA educational partners (which are found on the MICPA web store) will be entered automatically into your Tracker within ten business days of the courses completion. Courses taken within fewer than ten days of the July 31 reporting deadline will be entered for you by July 31.


Question: Can the State see all of my course records as soon as I enter them into the Tracker?

Answer: No. The State does not have access to your records until you submit your unique Tracker Code for the reporting period on the State’s website.

Question: Can I enter individual courses into the carryover section of my CPE Tracker?

Answer: No. Carryover hours are only reported to the State in sums of Accounting & Auditing, Ethics and Other hours. For this reason you cannot enter itemized carryover into the CPE Tracker. It is important to note that if you are audited by the State you may need to provide a record of the courses that you applied to carryover hours.

Question: Do I need to earn or report CPE if I am registered status?
Answer: No, only CPAs with active status need to earn and report their hours. If you would like to check your status, click here.
Question: Who I can I contact with questions about the new CPE Tracker?

Answer: You can contact us at 248.267.3700 with any questions you may have, or if you prefer you can email us or make use of the live chat service here on our website by using the chat tab at the bottom of the page.



  • MICPA CPE Credits are automatically included

  • Enter and manage any 3rd party CPE

  • Check your hours anytime with the MICPA mobile app

  • Report your hours directly to the State electronically!

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