Tracker Tutorial

Using the CPE Tracker


From the Tracker's overview page, you can view a summary of your recorded hours for the current CPE year. The details area shows all the MICPA and 3rd party courses you have added for the current CPE year. Selecting the “Change” button in the upper right corner of your screen will modify the page ‘s summary and details, including the CPE year. 

MICPA courses taken in person are automatically entered into your Tracker as soon you receive CPE cards from the instructor (typically 2 - 5 business days). MICPA partner webinars are added to your Tracker the following week (typically 2-7 business days).


Use the "Manage Carryover" button to transfer hours from the last CPE year you want to allocate to the current CPE year. Select the “Add” button to enter total A&A, Ethics and Other hours you wish to carry over. The page will show a suggested amount of each type of credit based on what you previously entered into the tracker. However, you can enter more or less than suggested but no more than 40 carryover hours per year, including a maximum of 8 A&A and 2 Ethics hours. 

Once you've added carryover, the "Add" button changes to “Edit” which will allow you to change your previous entry. To view, add or edit the past three years of carryover, select "View All History." 

Since 2011, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is no longer tracking carryover hours. As has always been legally required, the licensee is responsible for accurate record keeping of all CPE credit as noted in administrative rule: 

R 338.5210 Continuing education requirements; reporting; qualifying hours. 
(2) A licensure applicant or licensee is solely responsible for documenting the evidence to support the fulfillment of the requirements under this part and shall retain evidence to support fulfillment of the continuing education requirements for a period of 4 years after submission of the report under subrule (1) of this rule. 

For more information, visit LARA’s website.

Add 3rd Party Courses

Use the “Add Course” button to enter CPE taken through non-MICPA providers. It isn’t necessary to record individual sessions for each course—just log the whole course as a single item. Also enter multi-day courses as single items, and set the date as the course’s first day. 


The Reports page contains three reports;

  • CPE Report: This report contains all your qualified and reportable CPE for the selected two-year reporting period. Michigan state law requires that licensed CPAs earn 40 CPE hours every year between July 1 and June 30, including 8 A&A and 2 Ethics hours, and then report 80 total hours of CPE at the end of the second year, which is June 30 of odd years.
  • Penalty Hours Report: Penalty hours apply to the preceding year in which they were taken and do not show up on the tracker home page, CPE Report or anywhere other than the penalty hours report. You can mark any MICPA or 3rd party courses as penalty hours by checking the penalty hours box on course details.
  • Relicensure Hours Report:  Relicensure hours are hour you earn to get your active license back. They do not show up on the tracker home page, CPE Report or anywhere other than the relicensure hours report. You can mark any MICPA or 3rd party courses as relicensure hours by checking the relicensure hours box on course details.

Be aware of the deadlines for earning and reporting CPE, as well as the State's CPE requirements. For answers to common questions about how the CPE Tracker works please see the CPE Tracker FAQ.

Need More Assistance?

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For assistance after hours e-mail us at and we'll get back to you the next business day.