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What is CPE?
Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is the sustained professional development that is built into the CPA profession. CPE is required for licensed CPAs to ensure they retain their professional skills and provide quality professional services. 

Understanding CPE Terminology

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These sessions are presented by a qualified instructor on timely information and best practices, and allows for participants' questions. Conference and seminar courses fall under this format. 

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Via device, this format is similar to an in-person course since you attend at a scheduled time. Webinars include audio and video of the speakers, slides and online materials. Participants interact with the instructor and attendance is monitored throughout the program with tracking codes or polling questions to ensure it qualifies for live group study.

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This format offers immediate online access to individual courses with state-of-the-art interactivity that will enrich the learning experience. No more than 50 percent of your annual CPE hours can be self-study.

All courses provided by the MICPA and MICPA educational partners (which are found on the MICPA web store) will be entered automatically into your Tracker. Learn more about MICPA CPE policies and procedures.

Maintaining Your License

Do you have questions about the State's requirements for maintaining your CPA license? Take a look at the MICPA's comprehensive guide and get the answers you need. 




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Our Tracker does more than help you manage your CPE credits. When it's time to report your hours to the state and renew your CPA license, the CPE Tracker makes the process seamless.

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