Financial Accounting for LLCs, Partnerships and S Corporations
Thursday, May 30, 2024 | 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Course # 157421 | by Federal Tax Workshops Inc.
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Speakers: Steven C. Dilley
Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Total Credits: 8.0
Earn Up To: 8.0 AA credits
Level: Intermediate
Vendor: Federal Tax Workshops Inc.

What you will learn

Define the financial accounting and tax aspect of S corporation and partnerships with special emphasis on accounting for capital accounts.


This program compares and contrasts the financial and tax accounting differences of partnerships, LLCs, and S corporations, as well as discuss the tax accounting for these entities.

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Basic working knowledge of financial accounting.

Advanced Preparation:
  • Review the Accounting Standards Codification, OCBOA/Special Purpose Frameworks, and AICPA financial reporting framework and their application to partnerships, LLCs and S corporations.
  • Financial accounting issues arising from changes in ownership
  • Financial vs. tax accounting for partnership/LLC capital accounts
  • Section 704(b) substantial economic effect rules and their relation to financial accounting
  • The integration of financial accounting with Forms 1065 and 1120S
  • Financial accounting basis for ownership interests vs. tax accounting basis for ownership interests.
  • Deferred tax accounting for partnerships/LLCs and S corporations
  • Financial accounting for the operations of a partnership/LLC
  • Financial accounting impact of the C to S election and the S to C election
  • Financial and tax accounting for S corporation shareholder equity and partner capital accounts
  • Financial vs. tax accounting for loans to and from S corporations and their shareholders

CPAs working with partnerships/LLCs and/or partnerships and members in business and industry seeking to keep their knowledge current.

  • Steven C. Dilley
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