News Related to Diversity & Inclusion

  • Many U.S. companies say supporting marriage equality makes business sense

    From renaming an ice cream flavor to flying the gay movement's rainbow flag, many American corporations celebrated Friday's U.S. Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage and said it made good sense for their businesses.
  • How neurodiversity can provide a competitive edge

    As business becomes increasingly technological, the proportion of ‘geeks’ in the ranks is rising. Some say they’re annoying and others that they just don’t fit in, but it’s essential for managers to integrate these knowledgeable individuals, no matter how awkward they are.
  • Navigating a Diverse Workforce

    In his experience working at the helm of several major companies, Ted Bagley has come to realize that the word “diversity” tends to make people uncomfortable. But diversity, he says, is not “black, yellow, brown or white. It’s more about inclusion and valuing what each person brings to the table.”
  • Accounting Firms Face up to Diversity Challenges

    The accounting profession has long grappled with the question of how to diversify its ranks to provide better representation of women and minorities, particularly in the upper echelons of firms.
  • Diversity Training Myths Your Company Needs To Drop Now

    Diversity training has been one of those buzz terms making the rounds at companies big and small for decades. But while businesses understand that change needs to happen from the top down, social scientists have found that the approaches many companies take are often vastly misguided.
  • What if the road to inclusion were really an intersection?

    While traditional diversity and inclusion frameworks have helped bring more diverse talent into organizations, what got organizations here will not get them where they want to be. An intersectional approach that reaches all facets of corporate life is often more fruitful.
  • Ken Bouyer, EY Americas director of inclusiveness, urges originality at 'Discover EY' program

    From January 7-9, EY is holding their ninth annual Discover EY program and seventh annual Campus Diversity and Inclusiveness Roundtable in Manhattan, as part of their continuing effort to represent minorities in professional services.
  • EY Diverse Abilities Leadership Summit promotes inclusiveness for disabled professionals

    Last Wednesday, EY held their Diverse Abilities Leadership Summit at their Times Square office. The event was held to promote awareness and acceptance of people with differing abilities, and to "create opportunities for people of all abilities and the businesses which employ them," according to the event's program.
  • Diversity is key to success, studies show

    Companies that put a priority on innovation are worth more when women hold top leadership positions. These companies are $44 million more valuable, on average, according to a multiyear academic study of Standard and Poor’s top 1,500 firms.