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Legislative Keyperson Program

The MICPA is looked upon as an expert resource by state legislators. The Legislative Keyperson program is a chance for MICPA members to become a valuable resource for their legislators. As new issues arise that involve the accounting profession, legislators look to CPAs to educate and advise them; your expertise can contribute to a healthy legislative future for the profession!

Do I Qualify to be a State Legislative Keyperson?

The MICPA State Legislative Keyperson Program is designed for individuals who have an interest in Michigan politics, advocacy for the CPA profession and developing a relationship with Michigan legislators.

If you are already acquainted with one or more of your legislators, you are an ideal candidate for the program. If not, it's a great opportunity to become involved in the legislative community.

What does Being a Legislative Keyperson Entail?

When you become a Legislative Keyperson, you'll need to send initial letters to your legislators. This gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself, explain the program and offer your services as a knowledgeable professional. Sample letters will be provided.

After that you'll act as a resource for your legislators. It is very important to establish a two-way relationship where the public official looks to you as their contact on tax, accounting and business related issues.

What is the Time Commitment of a State Legislative Keyperson?

As a State Legislative Keyperson, you can devote as much or as little time as your schedule permits. Being a Keyperson commits you to writing a letter or making a phone call two or three times a year, and attending at least one of two MICPA Legislative Days annually. This assists in maintaining and developing relationships, while also accomplishing our ultimate goal of effective advocacy for the CPA profession.

Most communication between you and your legislators will be facilitated through MICPA staff, so demands on your time will be minimal. If an issue arises that warrants mobilization of the profession, Keypersons are contacted to communicate the relevant position to their legislators. Issue briefings and sample communications will be provided to assist in familiarizing yourself with the matter at hand.


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