Fifth Third Bank's Journey: One of Inclusion and Engagement

by Patrick Whiston and Jennifer Robison | Aug 13, 2014   ()

Fifth Third is an unusual bank. It has an unusual name, an unusual slogan ("The Curious Bank"), and an unusual commitment to the success and happiness of its employees. From training and development -- which continued even in the depths of the Great Recession -- to a focus on empathy, emotional intelligence, curiosity, employee engagement, and a true spirit of inclusion, Fifth Third Bank is transforming its internal and external culture.

"Our orientation toward engagement, respect, and inclusion; our commitment to teamwork, collaboration, and integrity; our embrace of shared accountability -- those are our core values. They guide our work environment, and they inform the way we treat our customers," says Kevin T. Kabat, vice chairman and CEO of Fifth Third Bank. "We can't help you improve your financial condition unless we understand what it is and are fully engaged in our jobs. By listening to you intently and asking questions, by maximizing our core values, we can help you accelerate what you want to do and where you want to go. And that does make us stand out. It does make us unusual."


Source: Gallup Business Journal

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