How to Turn a Tech Team into a Strategic Partner

by Donny Shimamoto | Aug 15, 2014   ()

These eight questions can help finance leaders get the most value out of an organization’s IT function.

CFOs and controllers are increasingly being called upon to oversee information technology (IT). And that’s posing a bit of a conundrum for some. Indeed, many of those professionals — the ones who have long been valued primarily for their financial proficiency — are being thrust outside their expertise, often finding themselves unsure of how to help IT go from a systems-and-networks role to one that adds significant value.

So how can one become surefooted in unfamiliar territory? Start by asking your chief information officer or IT service providers these eight questions. Not only might they give you a better understanding of the IT side of your organization, but they can also help IT take a broader role — one of leadership, rather than compliance — in the business.


Source: CGMA Magazine
Source: CGMA Magazine

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