My First 90 Days: Please Don't Strive to Be the Office 'Golden Child'

by J.T. O'Donnell | Jan 13, 2015   ()

Years ago, when I first started in HR, I remember my boss warning me, "Whatever a candidate does in the job interview, multiply it 10X and that's what you'll get 90 days into the job."

For example, if a candidate made a comment that felt a little inappropriate for our corporate culture, it was more than a little possible this person might be offensive in the workplace once they got the job and could let their guard down. Or, if the candidate was so quiet and barely gave more than one-word answers in the interview, they'd be so shy on the job that coworkers wouldn't feel they could communicate effectively with this person. (Even worse, they might be hiding something and just trying to get through the interview to land the job.)


Source: LinkedIn
Source: LinkedIn

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