5 Ways CFOs Can Enable High Performance

by Christian Campagna | Mar 24, 2015   ()

During the past seven years of intense volatility, many companies called on the CFO to take on an expanded role. It was one that looked beyond pure finance, accounting, and compliance and accepted a new level of responsibility for strategic planning, business transformation, and evaluating and prioritizing company investments.

Perhaps not surprisingly, organizations that were quick to embrace the new role of the CFO are now in a stronger position to seize the opportunities and meet the challenges that lie ahead.

This concept is one of the key issues examined in a recent Accenture study called “The CFO as Architect of Business Value,” in which we surveyed more than 600 senior finance professionals across 10 industries. The very clear conclusion: high performance businesses — defined as having above-average organizational growth, profitability, longevity and consistency of superior performance, and positioning for the future — are notably more likely to have CFOs whose influence in key strategic activities has grown over the past several years.


Source: CFO
Source: CFO

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