How neurodiversity can provide a competitive edge

by Antoine Tirard | Apr 13, 2015   ()

As business becomes increasingly technological, the proportion of ‘geeks’ in the ranks is rising. Some say they’re annoying and others that they just don’t fit in, but it’s essential for managers to integrate these knowledgeable individuals, no matter how awkward they are.

We all have or have had someone at work, who was mildly or even deeply annoying to work with, who just did not seem to “get” situations, and who seemed to function in a world apart.  At the time, most of us probably just gently put up with the misfit, occasionally becoming more annoyed, and thought little more of it.

There is an increasing need for numerical, technical brains, with big horsepower, and organizations are noticing that these big brains do not necessarily fit in well with the regular brains.  They are often the ones that end up being the misfits, whose brains are needed, but whose presence is barely tolerated, and whose value is definitely not fully exploited, due to all the contradictions involved in working with them.


Source: Instead Knowledge

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