For CPAs and their firms, agility trumps ability

by Doug Sleeter | May 27, 2015   ()

It’s a universal truth. The most successful people and companies are those that continually reinvent themselves and respond to changes in the business environment. We all strive to become the most skilled practitioner, but the fact is even the most skilled professional cannot remain relevant unless he or she is agile in business.

Just as exercise builds new muscles in your body, the development of new business processes, new service offerings, and new ways of leveraging technology builds new streams of revenue for your firm. Your clients desperately want new services, and they want you to help them grow their businesses. They need compliance services, but they want strategic advice, and they are increasingly demanding that you work with them in new ways dramatically different from the service delivery models of the past.


Source: AICPA
Source: AICPA

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