Tax Executives Anticipate Significant Tax Reform Under Trump, Says BDO Survey

by Business Wire | Mar 21, 2017   ()

With the implications of the 2016 General Election beginning to come into focus, tax directors are looking closely at the new administration to gauge how potential tax reform might impact their financial reporting strategies and ultimately their bottom lines. In fact, all the tax executives who participated in this year’s survey said that reform is at least somewhat likely under the new administration, with 60 percent of those saying reform was very likely, according to the third annual BDO Tax Outlook Survey.

Reforms aimed at driving growth of American business top tax directors’ reform wish list, with 40 percent hoping for a reduction of the 35-percent corporate tax rate, according to the survey. One in five (20 percent) of respondents point to tax incentives to repatriate foreign earnings as a top interest, while 17 percent cite a shift to a territorial tax code.

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Source: Business Wire
Source: Business Wire

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