CPA Advocate

  • CPA Advocate February 2020

    Michigan piggybacks the federal definition of federal taxable income and adjusted gross income for individuals and corporations, and more.
  • CPA Advocate August 2019

    The reporting deadline to renew CPA licenses for the 2019-2021 reporting period was July 30, 2019. Governor Whitmer signed an executive order eliminating the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation and creating the Marijuana Regulatory Agency and more.
  • CPA Advocate June 2019

    Professional Ethics Executive Committee (PEEC) has approved the release of six FAQs on hosting services. In December of 2017, Governor Snyder signed legislation that allows for a non-judicial dispute resolution process and more.
  • CPA Advocate May 2019

    The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has promulgated new Accountancy Rules as of January 10th, 2019. Occupational licensing reform has been introduced to cut down on barriers to entry for certain professions and more.
  • CPA Advocate January 2019

    On Tuesday November 6th, Michigan saw the highest number of voters participate in a midterm election since 1962. Public Act 81 of 2018 which allowed for firm mobility, CPE reciprocity, CPE carry-over, put ethics CPE into statute and clarified education requirements to sit for the uniform CPA exam was enacted in June and more.
  • CPA Advocate March, 2018

    Changes to CPA Licensure, Federal Tax Reform, UIA Issues, Support Your Profession at the Policy Level – Contribute to the MICPA PAC, Medical Marihuana Guidance Issued
  • CPA Advocate Fall 2017

    Changes Introduced for CPA Licensure, Date Changes for CPA License Renewal, Informal Conference Alternative Resolution Legislation Passes House, Michigan Department of Transportation – Performance Audits Finalized, Collaborative Efforts with Treasury Continue, Support Your Profession at the Policy Level – Contribute to the MICPA PAC, Keep Up with Tax Reform
  • CPA Advocate March, 2017

    House Bill 4001 – Individual Income Tax Rollback, Marihuana in 2017, some insights, UIA issues, Silent returns, Government relations helpdesk – here for you, Federal tax reform
  • CPA Advocate, December 2016

    General Election in Michigan, MICPA Working with Treasury on Taxpayer Bill of Rights, Practitioner Hotline Undergoing Review, Grain Dealers and the Farm Produce Insurance Acts- Updates, MICPA PAC and Our Efforts, Have a Question, Comment or Concern?
  • CPA Advocate Fall 2016

    Primaries in the books, on to the general election, MICPA and Treasury eye informal conference reform, Firm Mobility, CPE Reciprocity, House Bill 4044 – Local unit audits, MICPA grassroots efforts in full swing