CPA Advocate

  • CPA Advocate March, 2018

    Changes to CPA Licensure, Federal Tax Reform, UIA Issues, Support Your Profession at the Policy Level – Contribute to the MICPA PAC, Medical Marihuana Guidance Issued
  • CPA Advocate Fall 2017

    Changes Introduced for CPA Licensure, Date Changes for CPA License Renewal, Informal Conference Alternative Resolution Legislation Passes House, Michigan Department of Transportation – Performance Audits Finalized, Collaborative Efforts with Treasury Continue, Support Your Profession at the Policy Level – Contribute to the MICPA PAC, Keep Up with Tax Reform
  • CPA Advocate March, 2017

    House Bill 4001 – Individual Income Tax Rollback, Marihuana in 2017, some insights, UIA issues, Silent returns, Government relations helpdesk – here for you, Federal tax reform
  • CPA Advocate, December 2016

    General Election in Michigan, MICPA Working with Treasury on Taxpayer Bill of Rights, Practitioner Hotline Undergoing Review, Grain Dealers and the Farm Produce Insurance Acts- Updates, MICPA PAC and Our Efforts, Have a Question, Comment or Concern?
  • CPA Advocate Fall 2016

    Primaries in the books, on to the general election, MICPA and Treasury eye informal conference reform, Firm Mobility, CPE Reciprocity, House Bill 4044 – Local unit audits, MICPA grassroots efforts in full swing
  • CPA Advocate Spring 2016

    House Bill 5192 – Expanded Definition of “Attest” Signed by Governor Snyder, Member Voice, Efforts with the Department of Treasury Continue, House Bill 5545 - Essential Service Agreements (ESA)Filing Requirements, House Bill 5131 - Individual Income Tax, Flow-Through Withholding Requirements, House Bill 4018 - Cloud Computing Sales Tax, Election Season Right Around the Corner
  • CPA Advocate, Winter 2016

    House Bill 5192 Introduced; Efforts with Michigan Department of Treasury; Grassroots and Grasstops
  • CPA Advocate, Fall 2015

    Efforts with Michigan Department of Treasury; MICPA/Treasury Workgroup on Michigan Treasury Online (MTO); MICPA/Treasury Workgroup on Department Communications; MICPA/Treasury Workgroup on Power of Attorney (POA); Credit History Bill Introduced; Meet the Players – West Michigan;
  • CPA Advocate, Spring 2015

    School District Audit Timing/Reform; Definition of “Attest”; “Ban the Box” Legislation; Non-Compete Safe Harbor Proposal; MEGA Tax Credits and State Budget Implications; Cloud Computing Bills; Cloud Computing Bills; MICPA PAC Contributors;
  • CPA Advocate, Winter 2014

    Election Recap; MBT Reaches resolution; Tax Appeals Process Reform: Senate Bills 1038, 1039 and 1040; Offer in Compromise established in Michigan for 2015; MICPA providing input to Treasury rule making process; Sales Use and Withholdings Filing Information;