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by MICPA | May 03, 2016   ()
House Bill 5192 – Expanded Definition of “Attest” Signed by Governor Snyder

Bill sponsor Representative Chris Afendoulis, CPA (R-Grand Rapids Twp.) introduced House Bill 5192 in December of 2015, after which the bill unanimously passed both the House and the Senate. The new law, Public Act 76 of 2016,  was signed by Governor Rick Snyder, CPA in April. It ensures only CPAs can perform attest engagements. 

Member Voice
The MICPA’s newest advocacy tool,  Member Voice, is a web service fully integrated with the MICPA website to give members more access to advocacy resources. 

Features currently include:

  • Actions – Surveys to give feedback on MICPA’s efforts 
  • Find Officials – Look up elected officials straight from the MICPA website 
  • Find Legislation – Utilize an intuitive search function on the MICPA’s website to search for any piece of legislation
  • Quick Sign Up –Opt in to get advocacy alerts

Efforts with the Department of Treasury Continue
The MICPA and the Department of Treasury are continuing their progress to make improvements for CPAs and taxpayers alike. Treasurer Nick Khouri has included the MICPA in numerous efforts to provide CPA expertise in reforming the department. Currently, the MICPA is engaged in a communications workgroup aimed at clarifying notices to taxpayers, providing the MICPA a unique opportunity to review and offer feedback on hundreds of notices. This partnership has clarified ambiguities in previously drafted language, while also reducing the amount of confusion related to taxpayer notices.

House Bill 5545 - Essential Service Agreements (ESA)Filing Requirements
House Bill 5545 is included in a package of legislation (also including House Bills 5525-5527) introduced by Representatives Aric Nesbitt (R-Lawton) and Jeff Farrington (R-Utica)
These bills were recently passed by both the Michigan House of Representatives and Michigan Senate. This multi-section legislation would allow an owner of qualified new or existing personal property who did not file a required form by February 22, 2016, or filed an incomplete form, to file until May 31, 2016.  It also provides for appeals to the Michigan Tax Tribunal rather than the State Tax Commission. The measures now move to Governor Snyder for his approval. 

House Bill 5131 - Individual Income Tax, Flow-Through Withholding Requirements
House Bill 5131, sponsored by Representative Jeff Farrington (R-Utica), would amend the Income Tax Act to discontinue requirements that flow-through entities withhold tax. The bill also would revise the description of income that must be withheld and would amend the definition of “income” with respect to the individual income tax. This bill has passed the House and is awaiting further action in the Senate. 

House Bill 4018 - Cloud Computing Sales Tax
House Bill 4018, sponsored by Representative Jeff Farrington (R-Utica), seeks to clarify multiple court of claims and court of appeals rulings over the past two years related to the taxability of cloud based software. Currently, prewritten computer software is subject to tax under both the General Sales Tax Act and the Use Tax Act as tangible personal property. The bill would amend the acts in order to exempt granting the right to use prewritten software installed on another person’s server from sales and use tax. The bill would do this by excluding that activity from the definition of prewritten computer software and, by extension, from the definition of tangible personal property.

Election Season Right Around the Corner
Those elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2010 have served for three consecutive sessions and are now term limited. This summer will begin a campaign season for 41 open seats in the Michigan House. The MICPA’s bi-partisan efforts with both caucuses leave the profession in great standing no matter the outcome of the 2016 elections. There will be 41 brand-new faces; however, our efforts to educate them about the CPA profession will begin before they even take office. Consider contributing to the MICPA PAC to support these efforts to preserve and advance the CPA profession in Michigan at 

Source: MICPA
Source: MICPA