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Six Tips for Using Data More Wisely

by Brett Knowles | Dec 08, 2014   ()

Organizations are collecting more data than ever before and processing them in new ways in an effort to improve their businesses. But often they are not using the data in the right way — if they are using them at all.

Eighty-seven per cent of finance professionals said Big Data holds the potential to change the way business is done, according to the CGMA report From Insight to Impact: Unlocking Opportunities in Big Data. But 86% of those surveyed said their businesses struggle to get valuable information from the data they have. Hurdles to maximizing data’s value include organizational silos, challenges related to data quality and an inability to work with unfamiliar, non-financial data.

Here are six ways to make sure you are collecting the right data and making the most of the data you already possess:


Source: CGMA Magazine
Source: CGMA Magazine

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