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The CFO Has to Be a Jack-of-All-Trades — and Master of Them, Too

by Arleen Thomas | Mar 18, 2015   ()

How should up-and-coming CFOs regard their role in the corporate hierarchy? They might do well to think of themselves as “the voice of reason.”

There were many comments about the shifting role of the CFO at the recent World Congress of Accountants 2014. But to me, none rang truer than the quote above, expressed by Carol Calandra, CFO, Global Markets, EY Global.

As CFOs rise in the ranks, and become indispensable partners to their CEOs, there are still distinct differences in their responsibilities. Carol believes CFOs should be independent and work well with the CEO, but she insists the two roles “have to challenge each other. Otherwise, you have ‘yes men’…and that doesn’t help anybody.”


Source: AICPA
Source: AICPA

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