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How to turn constraints into opportunities

by Samantha White | Jul 13, 2015   ()
When we come up against a constraint in the workplace, such as a lack of resources or an impossibly short time frame, we tend to see it as a limitation, which ultimately stifles creativity and performance. But what if we started to look at constraints as opportunities instead?

This is the question posed by author Adam Morgan. He outlines strategies that leaders and organizations can use to change the way we look at constraints and turn them to our advantage.

When approached in the right way, constraints can stimulate us to achieve more and can be an impetus for a better outcome, Morgan said during a recent presentation at the London Business School’s Global Leadership Summit. For instance, Twitter’s limit of 140 characters per post forces users to craft a concise and easily digestible message, which is an inherent part of the platform’s popularity.

Source: CGMA Magazine
Source: CGMA Magazine

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