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Resilience-building tips to help you perform under pressure

by Samantha White | Sep 21, 2015   ()

In a high-pressure situation, many of us have experienced a loss of composure or focus, or as performance coach Mark Sheasby describes it, “your brain turns to scrambled eggs.”

In a recent interview and presentation, Sheasby outlined some practical ways professionals can build resilience and improve their performance under pressure, whether it’s in an interview, board presentation, or delicate negotiation.

Sheasby developed the techniques based on his experience in extremely high-pressure situations as a police firearms commander in siege interventions. He has subsequently used them to help police negotiators, elite athletes, and businesspeople achieve goals and learn to thrive under pressure. Although the stakes for hostage negotiators, athletes, and executives might be very different, the processes that the mind and body go through when under pressure are very similar.


Source: CGMA Magazine
Source: CGMA Magazine

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