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  • A Steadier Outlook for the Economy

    Optimism about the U.S. economy, which soured in the first quarter, rebounded in the most recent survey of CPA executives in business and industry.
  • SEC Tightens Crackdown on ‘Adjusted’ Accounting Measures

    The Securities and Exchange Commission is keeping up its recent drumbeat criticizing the use of “non-GAAP” financial measures that may make a company’s earnings look stronger than they really are.
  • 5 Client Sales Tax Questions All CPAs Need to Answer

    As CPAs, we are often the first called when a client raises any type of tax question. Instinctively, when business clients encounter a tax issue, their default is to call their CPA. Even if that CPA had no involvement with the issue, there is some expectation that they will either know the answer or have a resource that can help.
  • What The World Needs Now: Sustainability Accounting Standards

    “The new SASB standards allow us—for the first time—to identify and measure exposure to climate risk across companies and industries. Climate change affects all markets and presents risks that investors can no longer ignore. The standards help them understand their exposure while also directing capital to the strongest performing companies.” — Michael Bloomberg, Chairman of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board
  • Accounting Firms and the Art of Marketing

    You can go to college and major in marketing, you can take classes, read books, talk to experts, pursue a variety of avenues for gaining marketing expertise, and while all of that will be interesting and helpful and may even help you create a boilerplate marketing plan, at the end of the day, marketing is an art form. It's a way of recognizing how to build a conduit between two groups or organizations or beings.
  • Data Analysis Skills Lacking Among Finance Teams

    Keeping pace with rapid changes in technology is a cause of concern among CFOs. So, too, is talent management—finding good talent, keeping it, and nurturing it.
  • CFO-CIO Collaboration: An Advanced Checklist

    In the past, the CIO and CFO rode parallel but separate journeys to boardroom influence. Now, with the growth of data analytics and cloud-enabled ERP systems, as well as significant cybersecurity concerns, neither can afford to constantly lock horns over ownership of data and technology decision-making. Instead, they require a collaborative partnership in which each complements the other for maximum future impact.
  • Evaluating CFO Career Trends Requires Long View

    In today’s acutely dynamic world, there’s an unfortunate tendency to fixate on tracking the instant increments of change, and the reasons therefor, with less consideration for long-evolving trends that may shed light on the present.
  • IRS Warns Payroll and HR Pros of W-2 Scams

    The Internal Revenue Service has issued an alert to payroll and human resources professionals to beware of an emerging phishing email scheme that purports to be from company executives and requests personal information on employees.
  • Is Your Accounting Firm's Partnership Model Broken?

    The partnership model is probably one of the biggest sources of problems for CPA firms.

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