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  • Farm Accounting Is A Lifelong Learning Experience

    Farming is a complex business. Keeping ahead of pests and diseases is an ongoing battle that tests the skills of good growers. Not to be lost in the day-to-day trials of growing a successful crop is the importance of managing the business, building a solid balance sheet, and generating a profit.
  • More women being named to CFO role

    Brenda Morris, CPA, CGMA, was told she’d never be a CFO. But her written plan, developed years earlier, told her otherwise. In 1998, she reported to the COO of a company that did not have a CFO. She was the controller then, and she told the manager, in a performance review, that she wanted to be the company CFO. As Morris tells it:
  • FASB moves to simplify business combination accounting

    FASB issued new guidance Friday designed to simplify accounting for adjustments made to provisional amounts recognized in a business combination. The requirement to retrospectively account for those adjustments is eliminated by the amendments in Accounting Standards Update No. 2015-16, Business Combinations (Topic 805): Simplifying the Accounting for Measurement-Period Adjustments.
  • This is the single most important trait CFOs need to have

    The role of the CFO involves a high degree of financial understanding. A strong CFO must navigate the ins and outs of their company's balance sheets, and they must competently explain the company's financial status and needs to members at various levels of management.
  • 4 ways CFOs can help chief marketing officers drive growth

    Many CFOs have taken note of the valuable customer data that digital technology is generating for the marketing department and have sought a closer relationship with the chief marketing officer, a globalEY survey on the changing role of the CFO suggests.
  • Resilience-building tips to help you perform under pressure

    In a high-pressure situation, many of us have experienced a loss of composure or focus, or as performance coach Mark Sheasby describes it, “your brain turns to scrambled eggs.”
  • How to Create a Positive Work Environment

    Do you love your job and feel that your efforts contribute to more than just a paycheck? If you’re like70 percent of American workers, you likely answered “no.” Barry Schwartz, professor of psychology at Swarthmore (Pa.) College, cites that research in his new book, “Why We Work,” and says we need to re-think how we think about work.
  • 3 tasks for finance to maximize the value of human capital

    Imagine operating an industrial firm without the discipline of financially evaluating capital projects, without formalized cost accounting, without differentiating between spending that creates an expense from spending that creates an asset, without auditing internal controls or reported results. It seems unthinkable, yet that’s how most organizations are managing human capital investment today.

    (New York, New York, September 8, 2015) – Regulation has become immensely complex and is impacting organizations’ opportunities to grow and innovate, according to the Global Regulation Survey, a study of accounting, finance, and business professionals conducted by the International Federation of Accountants® (IFAC®).
  • The Enemy Within

    Rogue employees can wreak more damage on a company than competitors.

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