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  • Are You Ready to Get Creative?

    What makes companies ready for successful innovation? We know it’s not the size of their R&D budgets, even relative to their revenues. Since 2005, the annual Strategy& Innovation 1000 studies have examined which companies spend the most on R&D and which firms have the most success with it. The conclusion, year after year, has been the same: There is no correlation between innovation spend and business performance.
  • What hiring managers should ask job candidates

    For job candidates to succeed in an interview setting, preparation is critical. Knowledge of the company and know-how for answering those difficult questions can go a long way towards landing a job.
  • Complexity Continues to be a Top Challenge for CFOs

    Complexity is the most significant challenge facing CFOs, who also report growing strategic influence in a new survey by global management consulting firm Accenture.
  • Four leadership traits that are crucial in the 21st century

    Stopping the sale of tobacco products on September 3rd will cost CVS an estimated $2 billion annually, or about 15% of annual revenue, but the US chain of pharmacies and drugstores took the step anyway, ahead of its competitors.
  • What AICPA members need to know about the CGMA exam

    If you’re a CGMA designation holder or plan to become one, you’ve probably heard that the CGMA exam is coming soon. The first thing you need to know is if you already have your designation, or obtain it before January 1, 2015, then you won’t be required to take the exam.
  • How to Turn a Tech Team into a Strategic Partner

    CFOs and controllers are increasingly being called upon to oversee information technology (IT). And that’s posing a bit of a conundrum for some. Indeed, many of those professionals — the ones who have long been valued primarily for their financial proficiency — are being thrust outside their expertise, often finding themselves unsure of how to help IT go from a systems-and-networks role to one that adds significant value.
  • FAQs for the CGMA exam

    The Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) exam is a scenario-based test of management accounting competencies. The exam is a requirement for the CGMA designation among members of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), and starting in 2015 it will be a requirement for AICPA members who intend to obtain the designation.
  • Proposed new guidance outlines 12 principles for internal auditing

    Proposed changes to guidance followed by internal auditors include a new mission statement and a set of 12 core principles that highlight what effective internal auditing looks like in practice.
  • What employees’ desire for flexibility means for talent management

    The office environment and traditional models of employment are fast becoming obsolete as professionals across the world seek greater flexibility and autonomy, according to a PwC report. These shifting employee preferences have urgent implications for employers and HR departments seeking to attract and retain the brightest talent.
  • 4 Ways to be an Inclusion Leader

    Good managers want to build high-performing teams—but it isn’t always clear how to do so. According to Catalyst’s new global report, Inclusive Leadership: The View From Six Countries, the answer is simple: Ensure that your employees feel included at work.

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