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  • How the Next CPA Exam was Developed

    The debut of the next CPA exam on April 1, 2017, reflects an important evolution in the accounting profession.
  • 3 Ways Accounting Firms Can Reach Millennials

    As discussed in a recent article, an online study conducted by NerdWallet and Harris Poll found that of more than 1,600 U.S. adults, 80% of taxpayers ages 18-34 who filed taxes last year and planned to file this year say they’re fearful about some aspect of preparing their taxes.
  • More Companies Funding Credentials for Employees

    Rising demand for accounting and finance professionals with new skills is making it more likely that companies pay their employees to gain and maintain professional certifications.
  • How to Advance Your Career in Little Ways

    A national survey of 500 human resources managers revealed that the No. 1 concern of career professionals today is keeping their jobs. Yet, if you set goals that propel you to higher achievement, position you higher within your firm and further the aims of your firm, or serve the needs of clients (because you’ve internalized these goals, hence made them your own), job security doesn’t need to be an issue for you.
  • KPMG Program Pays For Future Employees to Earn Graduate Degrees

    KPMG announced on Thursday that it will pay for young adults to get master’s degrees in accounting after they graduate from college and before they join the firm full-time, partly to prepare them to be “data-age auditors.”
  • 5 Phrases Established Leaders Should Never Say Again

    Today's up-and-coming leaders have many career options, and their phones, emails, and LinkedIn accounts are being "hit up" every day by recruiters and others who are interested in potentially employing them. That's why established leaders committed to retain their best and brightest need to pay more attention to the things they say that frustrate, disappoint, and sometimes even gross out their future leaders. In this article, we'll explore five phrases established leaders should never say again and suggestions for an alternative approach that their young talent might better appreciate.
  • Molding the Future of the Profession

    As the profession tries its hardest to retain young staff, proactive firms are sparing no expense in trying to secure their talent for years to come. Firms are advised to invest in technology, more flexible work schedules, and appropriate compensation to ensure that new professionals don’t go seeking such commodities elsewhere. Now, more than ever, young talent requires an investment.
  • Program Aims to Increase and Diversify Talented Accounting Students

    The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and NAF today announced the launch of a high school program aimed at increasing and diversifying the pipeline of talented students who enter the accounting profession. The announcement was made at NAF Next 2016, NAF’s annual professional development conference that brings together education, business, and community leaders to address some of the biggest challenges facing education and the economy, located this year in Orlando, Florida.
  • How Gamification Can Help Engage Millennial Employees

    With a generation of tech-savvy Millennials flooding the workforce, gamification has become a hot topic as a management tool. Gamification entails bringing the principles and mechanics of gaming to the workplace—motivating employees by giving them incentives that mirror those in games.
  • 3 Tax Tips for Millennials - How to Overcome the Fear

    If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s that no one enjoys filing taxes. But, according to recent studies, millennials feel particularly anxious about the annual process.

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