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  • 3 Reasons to Get Involved in Professional Organizations

    Getting involved can benefit you in many ways—from networking, to the feel-good aspect of volunteering, to developing lasting personal and professional relationships. Yet, time is limited, and with a busy career and social life, you can’t possibly get involved with all the organizations in which you might be interested or with those who want you as a volunteer.
  • Here's What Firms are Really Looking For in Talent

    The accounting profession has more jobs than people, and the gap is growing. Firms are looking for top talent, but that talent looks nothing like the stereotypical accountant of old.
  • Career training a key tool to lure accounting talent

    It may not be enough anymore to offer talented finance and accounting job candidates positions with good pay, benefits, or even perks such as flexible hours. With talent in high demand, some employers are finding that it’s essential to offer training and skills development opportunities.
  • How to answer the most challenging job interview questions

    Have you ever finished a job interview wondering why you said what you did? Or why you didn’t say anything at all? Being properly prepared can help you avoid these awkward situations. Here are a few of the more challenging interview questions you may be asked, and how best to respond.
  • Career secrets you don't learn in school

    Millennials want to succeed in their careers. Ninety-one percent of millennials aspire to be a leader, according to a recent survey. As the largest generation in the U.S.workforce now, even if leadership is a top priority, Generation Y still lacks one big thing: years of experience in the workplace that teach you how the corporate world runs.
  • Thinking Like a Leader: Three Big Shifts

    Leadership development often focuses on doing — the mastering and use of certain desirable skills and behaviors that concretely show someone to be leading. Competency-based models can provide lists of such skills, as well as attributes of their practice. But where leadership effectiveness really starts is with thinking — adopting a mental model that makes it possible to acquire those skills and demonstrate those behaviors in the first place.
  • 6 Ways to Go Above and Beyond at Your Job

    Have you ever been passed over for a promotion that you knew in the depths of your soul you had earned? Have you ever looked at your annual raise and cried/died a little inside? Have you felt overwhelmed and unappreciated at the same time? Work at any business long enough, and you've probably felt all three.
  • How's that 401(k) working out?

    Detroit area millennials on average saved $17,095 in 401(k) plans run by Fidelity Investments. But the average includes some young people who just started working.
  • 3 Reasons Millennials Are Getting Fired

    A backlash to Milllennials' mindsets at work is causing some to get fired. Here's why.
  • Real-World Experience, Office Politics are Top Post-College Challenges for Accountants in First Job, Survey Says

    College students may be heading back to school soon, but they won't find everything they need to know for their jobs in their textbooks. In an Accountemps survey, more than half (56 percent) of accounting and finance professionals said they felt only somewhat prepared for their first job after graduation; another 14 percent indicated they were not at all prepared.

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