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  • My First 90 Days: Please Don't Strive to Be the Office 'Golden Child'

    Years ago, when I first started in HR, I remember my boss warning me, "Whatever a candidate does in the job interview, multiply it 10X and that's what you'll get 90 days into the job."
  • Sometimes You Just Have to Pick Up the Phone and Call a Client

    Recently, while speaking at a conference, I picked up a spectacular example of just how important voice tone and inflections are in communication.
  • The 7 types of people you need in your network

    More than likely, you have a strategy in place for your career—but how about your network? Many young professionals get to know only the people in and around their employer.
  • 8 Tips for Successful Socializing at Work

    Most young CPAs consider socializing an important part of their personal lives. But it can also be just as important to their work lives, where having the right connections and relationships can help professionals improve their job performance and advance their careers. In fact, socializing for success has become the new normal for the accounting profession.
  • Networking Tips for Introverts

    Part of our professional development includes building a network that can eventually result in new business. Networking comes easy to people who are naturally outgoing. It can be difficult and terrifying for introverts.
  • The Top 5 Things You Should Never do at Work

    I had an 18-year corporate career in publishing and marketing that was highly successful on the outside, but on the inside, it was not. I rose to the level of Vice President and managed multimillion-dollar budgets and global initiatives, but throughout my career, I faced a number of excruciating experiences of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, work-life balance failures, chronic illness and exhaustion, being sabotaged and betrayed by colleagues, and the continual nagging feeling that I was meant for different work (but simply couldn’t figure out what it was.
  • How to avoid office fashion faux pas

    The printed pants stood out, but not in a good way. Rachael K. Sarson, CPA, uses them as a reference point when she thinks about what to wear to work. “A woman who had a pair of leopard [print] pants wore them to the office. It was a casual Friday, so that wasn’t the problem,” said Sarson, with Craighead, Lange and Hough in Michigan City, Ind. “Although they were very fashionable … wearing leopard pants to work was not the best choice.”
  • 7 Questions to Assess Your Accounting Career

    As they go through life, many CPAs set career goals that include attaining a specific title or role. That could range from being named CFO at a Fortune 500 firm to owning their own business.

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