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  • Qualified Small Business Stock: Considerations for 100% Gain Exclusion

    Beginning in 2015, for the first time since its enactment in 1993, Sec. 1202 allows noncorporate taxpayers to exclude from federal income tax 100% of the gain on the sale of certain qualified small business stock (QSBS), limited to the greater of $10 million or 10 times the adjusted basis of the investment. Unlike in prior years, this creates possible opportunities for noncorporate taxpayers who dispose of QSBS in a taxable transaction to potentially exclude the entire gain for federal tax purposes.
  • 11 Ways Small Businesses Lose Employees

    Employee retention is a big deal, as a high turnover rate leads to greater recruiting, hiring, and training costs, as well as a lack of continuity and experience.
  • 5 Traits of Successful Small Businesses

    If you want your business to succeed, if you want to keep your doors open for many years to come, it is essential to implement a plan you can trust.
  • New Tax Laws Offer Big Benefits to Some Small Businesses

    Small businesses in the U.S. have new opportunities to benefit from major tax credits because of two new laws. The enactment of the Omnibus Spending Bill H.R. 2029 and the PATH Act (Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015) at the end of 2015 have great potential for businesses, according to ADP.
  • 5 Reasons to Formalize Mentoring Programs in Accounting Firms

    Prior to the recession, young leader training and formal mentoring programs to support recruitment and retention were all the rage. Well, mentoring is more critical than ever, but for different reasons and in slightly different forms. BKR International members cite five benefits of mentoring and why it’s important to your firm and the profession to do it consistently.
  • Small Business Owners: It's About More than Money

    A new profile of the small business climate in the United States and in 25 of our largest cities shows that potential wealth isn’t the prime motivator for most small business owners.
  • Small Business Marketing Toolkit Helps Firms Communicate Value to Clients

    As part of the #CPAPOWERED, CPA Secrets to a Better Business campaign, the AICPA’s Small Business Marketing Toolkit offers resources to help members educate small business owners about their services and the ways CPAs act as trusted advisers. Members can promote their services and practices to small business with new co-brandable tools such as the Guide to Financial Statement Services: Compilation, Review and Audit and the Small Business Quarterly Pulse Check.
  • Expired Tax Provisions: No Relief in Sight?

    As the end of the year draws closer, Congress seems even less likely than usual to agree on a package extending all the tax breaks that are currently expired. Here’s a look at the expired provisions and the actions that are pending to extend them.
  • 5 Steps Firms Need to Take Before 2016

    Ok, so Oct. 15 is behind us, the trees are starting to change colors (for some of us), and the holidays are around the corner. So what are you doing to plan for 2016?
  • Cost-saving tips for small firms

    There are more ways to save money at a small firm than ordering bulk toner cartridges. Even minor tweaks to daily processes can increase your firm’s efficiency and, in turn, boost your bottom line.

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