News for Small Firm Practitioners

  • Handling Last-Minute Changes for Clients: It Is Who We Are...It Is What We Do...

    Form 3115, Application for Change in Accounting Method, likely provided the most headaches for practitioners this tax season. Now that the rush of tax season is over, it is time for a postmortem on this critical issue.
  • Reasons to avoid an earnout when selling your accounting practice

    Earnouts are popular deal structures used by buyers and sellers of accounting practices, but they have drawbacks. In an earnout, a buyer pays for a practice using the earnings that are actually experienced from that practice, plus an initial down payment in some cases.
  • For CPAs and their firms, agility trumps ability

    It’s a universal truth. The most successful people and companies are those that continually reinvent themselves and respond to changes in the business environment. We all strive to become the most skilled practitioner, but the fact is even the most skilled professional cannot remain relevant unless he or she is agile in business.
  • Tips for a faster, better month-end close

    Speed and accuracy are a constant challenge for those involved in the month-end close process. Many organizations are seeking information at an accelerated pace. But they also need to be able to trust the data they’re acting on.
  • Go see your top clients…now!

    Now that the crush of the tax deadlines is behind you, it’s time to once again think about marketing. But not just any marketing – I want you to think about marketing to your top clients.
  • Managing Strategy at Your Firm

    How should the managing partner or CEO of a firm think and react in order to keep the firm lively and vibrant?
  • Measuring and Managing Actual Engagement Profitability

    Quite often, firms simply don’t know which engagements, service lines or clients are truly the most profitable. You probably have substantial information about each engagement—time spent winning business, actuals versus estimates, unplanned expenses—but you just can’t access and analyze all of it.
  • Solving the referral mystery

    When accountants talk about boosting referrals, the conversation usually revolves around how to get a client or other source—such as a banker or attorney friend—to put in a good word. While these sources of referrals are important, they are only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, accountants who focus solely on these traditional avenues for finding referrals are missing out on a major source of them.
  • 8 Great Ways to Get New Accounting Clients with Public Speaking

    Visibility equals credibility. People do business with professionals seen as experts in their field. Speaking before an audience is an ideal way to gain credibility. But how do you go about getting speaking engagements? What do you do?
  • Q&A: Should you dump the billable hour?

    A growing number of industry pricing experts are urging CPA firms to jettison the venerable billable hour and replace it with a fixed-pricing model, or even the more optimal model of “value pricing.” Few public accounting topics spark as much controversy as this one. Many firms have adopted value pricing in recent years, but others have been reluctant to do so.

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