Peer Review Timeline

The peer review process follows the steps outlined below.  From beginning to end, a peer review can take anywhere from 4 to 20 months to complete.  Please be aware that under certain circumstances, any of the steps below could take longer than indicated.

1. Enrollment in the Program

Firms will enroll online in the Peer Review Program via the AICPA’s Peer Review Integrated Management Application (PRIMA) its new peer review operating system.  Once they are enrolled, they will receive notification of their firm’s peer review due date.  In most cases, the firm’s due date will be 18 months from the report date of the first engagement causing the firm to be enrolled in the program. It is important that the AICPA has accurate/current email contact information because the Peer Review process relies heavily on email communication.

Up to 1 Month
2. Scheduling the Review

Approximately 6 months prior to a firm’s due date, PRIMA will send a request for Peer Review Information about the firm.  The firm will provide background information online and submit it, via PRIMA, to the MIICPA for approval.  The firm will then receive an “Information Required for Scheduling Peer Reviews” request from PRIMA.  The firm will complete this online form, including information about the Reviewer engaged by the firm, and submit it to the MICPA, via PRIMA, for approval of the scheduling information.  The type of review will be determined by the level of service the firm has provided during its peer review year, as indicated in the Peer Review Information online form.  The types of review are listed below:

1 - 2 Months
  • System Review:  Firms who perform audits must have a System Review.  This is an “on-site” review that will take place at the reviewed firm’s office with the reviewed firm selecting its own Reviewer (approved by PRIMA).  Fees vary and will be agreed upon between the reviewer and firm directly.
  • Engagement Review:  Firms who do not perform audits may elect to have an Engagement Firm on Firm Review.  Engagement Reviews are not required to be performed at the reviewed firm’s office.  Firms will engage their own Reviewer (approved by PRIMA).  Fees vary and will be agreed upon between the reviewer and firm directly.
3. Performance of Review

Once the review is determined to be an engagement or system review (based on information provided and the review is scheduled), documents will be requested for the review.  Reviewed firms will get this request directly from their Reviewer.

  • System reviews take place in person at the reviewed firm’s office
  • Engagement reviews may take place via mail

When the review is finished, the report and review work papers will be uploaded into PRIMA for additional processing by a Technical Reviewer.

1 - 5 Months
4. Technical Review

Once the Reviewer has completed the review and all materials have been submitted to PRIMA, the review work papers will go through a technical review for verification that all AICPA Peer Review Program Standards were followed.

1 Month
5. Peer Review Task Force Evaluation & Acceptance

The Team Captain/Review Captain (Reviewer) and Technical Reviewer recommendations for acceptance, acceptance with corrective actions or deferral will be evaluated and determined by the Peer Review Report Acceptance Body (RAB).

1 - 2  Months
6. Completion of Corrective Action

Occasionally, reviewed firms are asked to complete some form of corrective action before the RAB can accept the peer review as complete.  The firm will receive the request, in writing, with a time frame for completion.  When proof of completion is received in PRIMA, it is processed for final consideration.

0 - 8 Months
7. Review Acceptance

Once the RAB accepts the peer review and deems it completed, the firm will receive a Peer Review Acceptance or Completion Letter.‚Äč

1 Month

Facilitated State Board Access Web Site

Because Peer Review is mandatory in Michigan, for firms and sole practitioners performing audits, reviews and/or compilations relied upon by third parties, Peer Review results must be submitted to the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) once the review has been accepted.  To aid firms in this regard, a secure website, accessible only by LARA, called the Facilitated State Board Access (FSBA) website was created.  Firms may “opt in” to the process, requesting PRIMA to upload the required documents to the site.  Alternately, firms may “opt out” of that process but will be responsible for submitting the documents themselves.

It is important to note that firms receiving a Fail (formerly Adverse) report or a second consecutive Pass with Deficiencies (formerly Modified) report MUST inform LARA of that fact within 30 days of receipt of the Acceptance Letter.  Submission of documents through the FSBA website does not satisfy this requirement.  The firm must also notify LARA directly:

Firms may notify LARA by:
or by writing to:
Bureau of Professional Licensing - Accounting
PO Box 30670
Lansing, MI, 48909

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