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Fiscal Health & Wellness
The MICPA has compiled a set of resources to help you, or your clients, meet your money management goals. Whether you’re planning for retirement, launching a business or just starting college, these tools will get you started and improve your financial IQ.

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Taking Your Financial Inventory

Create a summary of your financial assets and liabilities with this booklet. Regardless of age or current circumstances, this is an important first step for individuals or families who want to plan for their future.

Financial Inventory Work Book

Download your financial inventory worksheet and get started! Choose a format below.

MICPA Guide to Financial Preparedness

The MICPA Financial Literacy Task Force in partnership with the Hospice of Michigan has created this valuable tool intended for use by individuals and families as well as you and your clients to strengthen financial well-being. This joint venture seeks to promote positive situations and facilitate a guided approach to financial security.

  Guide to Financial Preparedness


Explore our Financial Literacy Curriculum

We have a series of power points with in-depth information

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Personal Finance Will Be Required in Michigan Education

On Thursday, Jun. 16, 2022, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed HB 5190, a bill sponsored by Rep. Diana Farrington (R – Utica) and supported by the MICPA, making personal finance courses a requirement for high school graduation. Read More

If you’d like to get involved in supporting these initiatives consider joining the task force!

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  • Fin Lit Evolution: National Financial Capability Month

    Mar 28, 2023, 11:47 AM by MICPA
    Often used interchangeably, financial literacy and financial capability address a separate set of concerns. As April brings a renewed sense of awareness with its Financial Literacy Month (FLM) initiatives, we explore the difference between knowledge and behavior, and what capability means for long-term financial health.
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  • Looking Ahead: Tomorrow's Feats of Financial Literacy

    Apr 27, 2022, 16:14 PM by MICPA
    Most experts agree that increasing the financial acuity among consumers the world over is an imperative for ensuring that both the aging population and generations to come have a more secure future. While the method for imparting this knowledge is still being tested and determined, the landscape of financial literacy continues to evolve.
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  • Financial Literacy Implications on Financial Stewardship

    Apr 5, 2022, 12:22 PM by MICPA
    Is access to resources the key to financial wellness? Find out why MICPA member Angel Stallings, CPA, accounting coordinator for the Detroit Pistons, says it’s important for students from all socioeconomic backgrounds to learn how to stretch a dollar. Plus, how exactly does one go about graduating debt free these days, anyway?
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Looking for an Expert?

You're ready to start planning your financial future, let the MICPA help you to find a respected Michigan Certified Public Accountant to be your financial guru.



AICPA Financial Literacy Resources


360 Degrees of Financial Literacy

The American Institute of CPAs offers a set of comprehensive guides to assist you in managing your finances at every stage of your life. Visit the site for an index of articles, tools and FAQs grouped by age range and situation to make it easy to find the information you need.

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Bank On It
Interactive Game

Imagined by students for students, Bank On It challenges you on the fundamentals of accounting, gives you a taste of work-world scenarios, and reinforces what your learning in the classroom. Put yourself to the test.

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Disasters and Financial Planning

The AICPA, American Red Cross and National Endowment for Financial Education released a new, interactive guide to help people take proactive steps to minimize the potential impact of disasters on their lives and financial well-being.

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Reinventing Mi Retirement

The MICPA is proud to be a partner in the State of Michigan's Reinventing Mi Retirement initiative - making information and materials available to Michiganders of all ages to help them plan a secure financial future!