Topical Thoughts from MICPA President & CEO, Bob Doyle What About...Bob?

With degrees in engineering, management and a master’s in communications, Bob pivoted from a career
at GM to the world of associations before finding his calling as the MICPA’s President and CEO. Learn more about Bob by reading this feature article in MICPA Connections.

Catch up on what Bob has to say:

Merriam-Webster defines sustainability as 1) capable of being sustained and 2) of, relating to, or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged. Sustainability has always been near and dear to my heart, especially as I started my career as an environmental engineer in the automotive industry. I really enjoyed ensuring that we were meeting the needs of the environment then and into the future, while developing and producing great products.

My previous experience has intertwined with my role today as sustainability, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) data have become central topics of industry conversations. I believe the accounting profession is poised to play a large role in the stewardship, tracking and reporting of these metrics. Further, CPAs will have the opportunity to advise business leaders on how to maximize these efforts. This emerging area has many opportunities, especially for those just embarking on their career journeys, enthusiastic about the possibilities of using their credential to affect positive change.

Beyond this, sustainability at its core is about creating and maintaining the conditions of balance, allowing a person, economy or ecosystem to thrive while meeting the needs of the present and future. I recently stopped to think about this concept more fully. Sustainability through a different lens could have us considering many personal or professional factors that lead to a balanced lifestyle, or a successful career. Aspects such as financial stability, relationships, health and wellness, learning and ongoing self-improvement, mental well-being, advocacy and the pursuit of circumstances that will have long-term positive impacts on our lives or organizations. This part of sustainability has become very important to me as we strive for our “new better” way of working, living and engaging with each other.  

The latest issue of our member magazine, MICPA Connections, is filled with content that may cause you to pause and reflect on these and other topics related to seeking sustainability. Or it may cause you to think about your own personal sustainability and well-being. We hope it does. How can you or your organization set yourselves up for ecological, human and economic health and vitality – now and into the future? I would love to hear your ideas!

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