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CFO Series: Today's Staff Retention Accounting
Monday, June 10, 2024 | 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Prince Conference Center Calvin College Grand Rapids, MI
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Speakers: Steve Boussom
Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Total Credits: 8.0
Earn Up To: 4.0 AA, 4.0 OT credits
Level: Intermediate
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What you will learn

This four-topic event focuses on skills that will help you and your organization become more effective including today’s methods to retain key employees, e.g., equity compensation plans, inventory accounting and timeless lessons from great leaders to improve the organization.


The CFO Series provides a convenient, onestop way for CFOs and those who aspire to be CFOs, to an entire year of CPE with a single decision. Each day consists of a subject matter expert leading discussions about four different topics. The CFO Series features high ty presentations and an interactive, executive level colleague approach with case studies, group discussions, and team exercises.

Each topic and each day stand on its own. If you are not sure about making a multi-day commitment, sign up for just a single day. We think you will come back for more!

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Preferably at least six (6) months of professional financial statement analysis experience, or at least six (6) credit hours of corporate finance classwork at an accredited university.

Advanced Preparation:

Staff Retention: Attract and Keep the Best People

Why do your best employees leave? Does it seem like you spend far too much time recruiting? Do your people leave just as they become productive? If you think your turnover is because the younger generations are different from earlier generations, you probably are not looking at the real source of the problem. We will review the facts and research about why people leave. Learn the changes you should make now!

Topics Discussed:

  • The real costs of turnover
  • Why do people leave?
    •  Definitive research
    • The twelve factors that make employees happy
  • Examples of great organizations
  • Lifestyle issues
  • Exit interviews and stay interviews

Objectives: To better understand what employees want and need in today’s competitive environment.

Accounting for Equity Compensation Plans: Beware of the Pitfalls

In today’s business world, there is a war for talent and organizations with the best talent will win. We clearly need to motivate talented personnel. Equity compensation plans are useful to retain, reward and recruit. The GAAP and tax accounting for equity compensation plans is not static and decisions that you make during plan set-up can have major consequences to your organization’s bottom line and your management team’s personal tax situations. We will review nuances and details that impact proper accounting. Whether you are the CFO or CEO who has not been happy with prior equity compensation plans or the accountant who performs the intricate analysis and detailed accounting for these plans - this session will help you understand the issues and get it right the first time.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why most equity compensation plans fail?
  • Complexity of GAAP accounting for equity compensation plans
  • Tax implications of equity compensation plans
  • Who and how an equity compensation plan should be administered?
  • Compliance issues to consider
  • Recommendations to design a better equity compensation plan

Objectives: Understanding the intricacies of designing an effective equity compensation plan, and the complexity of GAAP accounting for equity compensation plans.

Inventory Accounting: GAAP, Software and Variance Recognition

Proper inventory accounting is deceptively complicated. Do you have the required accuracy? Do you desire to become more thorough in inventory accounting, or need to refresh, or strengthen your inventory accounting skills? This session will help you get there quickly! The session focuses on the crucial components: GAAP inventory, inventory software, and methods for dealing with variances.

Topics Discussed:

  •  GAAP accounting for inventory
    • Differences between GAAP versus cost accounting
  • Breaking down all the costs in:
    • Bill of Materials
    • Labor
    • Overhead
  • Recognizing variances

Objectives: To better understand GAAP accounting for inventory, and the many details that must be addressed for accurate inventory accounting.

Awesome Business Lessons from the Past: Learn from the Best!

Why not learn, or re-learn, some amazing business lessons from the past that are still effective today? What did Henry Ford do when annual employee turnover was 370% and workers demanded more pay? Sound familiar to today’s world? Ford’s solution worked! We see today’s problems and believe that these problems have never occurred before. Not true. We will discuss timeless business lessons that are as practical today as when they were written decades ago. We will review; ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People,’ ‘Today and Tomorrow,’ and ‘The Art of War.’ Let’s learn from the very best, as these lessons have been battle tested and proven over time.

Topics Discussed:

  • The six methods to get others to like you
    • How to learn what others want
  • What are twelve ways to win others to your way of thinking?
    • How to destroy your enemies
  • What are the fundamental principles of Henry Ford’s success?
    • Focus on technology, training and ‘Scientific Method’
    • Value of training and education
    • The need for fun
  • What are the thirteen steps necessary to plan for success?
    • All plans must adjust to changing realities
    • What are the traps to avoid?
  • How to use these principles to move your organization forward

Objectives: To learn valuable, time-tested management strategies proven effective over many decades.

CEOs, Corporate Financial Leaders, Corporate Financial Managers, CFOs, Controllers, accountants, Board members, advisors, and consultants. CPAs in public practice and CPAs in industry. Business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who are interested in learning lessons from others.
  • Accounting
  • Business Management & Organization
  • Steve Boussom
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