• Decoding leadership: What really matters

    Telling CEOs these days that leadership drives performance is a bit like saying that oxygen is necessary to breathe. Over 90 percent of CEOs are already planning to increase investment in leadership development because they see it as the single most important human-capital issue their organizations face. And they’re right to do so: earlier McKinsey research has consistently shown that good leadership is a critical part of organizational health, which is an important driver of shareholder returns.
  • Wealthy Couple Pleads Guilty To Cheating On Taxes - And Lying To Cover It Up

    It’s easy to imagine identity thieves as unsavory sorts hiding in the dark recesses of the underworld. We don’t usually think of them as married professionals living in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.
  • Broadening Our Definition of Financial Literacy

    Here at the Michigan Association of CPAs, we’ve embarked on some projects that go beyond the traditional approach to financial literacy. We’ve had the fantastic opportunity to work with Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder, CPA on several initiatives aimed at our most vulnerable populations, including Reinventing Mi Retirement and the Detroit Income Stabilization Fund Program.
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  • Employee Benefits for Those with Employee Benefit Plan Responsibilities (Yes, Controllers & CFOs, This Includes You!) (4 hr AM session)

    4/22/2015 - Troy, MI
    Our Goal: To bring critical awareness to those responsible for employee benefit plans. Who is a responsible for the plan? You may believe that others have it covered and they may believe you do. You wear many hats, but not all can be delegated, assigned or transferred away...not even to the most qualified HR department or third party administrator. Don’t believe us? Just ask the DOL. Join us as we dispel the myth that properly outsourced plans run themselves. This program will help you better understand your plans, your responsibilities and obligations, and how you can fulfill them efficiently and effectively. Presenters Marcus Aron, Senior Auditor, U.S. Department of Labor, Office of the Chief Accountant, Washington, D.C., along with Tricia Van Vliet, Hungerford Nichols CPAs + Advisors will answer questions and delve into 4 critical topics: 1. An overview of various types of pension and health & welfare benefit plans and how you should understand their provisions, operations, assets and obligation 2. The regulatory compliance requirements and risks associated with each type of plan, including the important distinction of plans vs. trusts 3. Common operational errors/deficiencies along with best practices for prevention, detection and correction 4. Selection and monitoring of service providers Making sure YOU understand your responsibilities and liabilities is a priority
  • Affordable Healthcare Act & Key Tax Issues: An Industry Update

    4/22/2015 - Livonia, MI
    Affordable Care - What to Expect in 2015? Although the Employer Mandate has been pushed back to 2015 and 2016, depending on your size, the Administration remains adamant that there will be no delay, postponement, extension or waiver of the Individual Mandate. Since January 2014, millions of Americans have been accruing the Individual Mandate Penalty month by month. ALL tax return filers must prove adequate health insurance in place, claim an exemption or report and pay the penalty. Those who signed up for coverage on the exchange will also need to reconcile premium subsidies with actual income, and repay any excess subsidy.While some employer obligations have been delayed to 2016, the Employer Mandate and its penalty for “large employers” begins in January 2015. Even mid-sized and borderline small employers should begin compiling their employee census information now. The IRS has assured Congress that it will not be the enforcer of healthcare reform. According to the House Ways and Means Committee, complying with healthcare reform will require nearly 80 million hours. Most of this burden will fall on businesses - YOU! This course will help you cope with avalanche of IRS regulations, revenue procedures and rulings that impact you and your business.
  • Toolkit of Best Practices for Today's Controller & Financial Manager

    4/22/2015 - Livonia, MI
    This course demonstrates the use of practices, techniques, and analytical tools specifically designed to assist CPAs and other financial professionals in adding value to their company. These areas include decision- making, cost and capacity management, selected accounting practices, understanding business cycles, managing continuous improvements, cash management, valuation techniques, and risk management. Examples of actions by both successful and failed organizations are used throughout the session.
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    The New MICPA CPE Guide

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    Report CPE Electronically: A Video Message from MICPA Chair Doug Roosa

    Report CPE Electronically: A Video Message from MICPA Chair Doug Roosa.

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