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Student Accounting Academy

Welcome to the MICPA and Michigan Accountancy Foundation (MAF)

Student Accounting Academy (SAA)!


A portal to informational videos, educational activities and resources designed for students learning about accounting and business. Sessions feature a variety of topics from interviewing skills to budgeting, financial forensics and the influence of accounting on arts, sports and entertainment.

Begin your Student Accounting Academy experience and discover what doors open for you!

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Discover the impacts of the accounting profession, its endless career opportunities and how to prepare to become a CPA.


Students learn how taking small easy steps can help them to save more money – and take control of their finances. Smart money management now helps build a solid financial foundation for the future.


Students will learn about the important roles CPAs play in the world of sports, arts and entertainment and their opportunities to interact with sports teams, superstars, the news media and other high-profile people.




They say the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. In real life, however, your journey to career success may take some unexpected turns. Learn from a CPA’s personal experiences as you prepare for a future full of great possibilities.


What's college really like? How do you make the most of your experience? Is it hard to land an internship? Learn all this and more when a panel of students share their wisdom and insight to help you prepare for the next step in your education.


What does an accounting program look like? Learn more about the college courses you'll take on your journey to becoming a CPA.




Whether you’re pursuing an internship, getting into the college of your dreams or finding the perfect job, interviewing is an important and necessary skill to ensure your success. See firsthand the do’s and don’ts of the interviewing process.


Hear about what accounting firms are doing internally to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in their work environment.


Is there a company you'd love to work for? Find out how MICPA member, author, and revenue accountant for the Detroit Pistons, Angel Stallings, CPA, has been able to make her career goals a reality!




Using actual case examples, hear about the forensic accounting experience firsthand, the differences between fraud examinations and audits, and the current “fraud trends” according to the experts.


In partnership with The Piggy Bank, this student loan course is perfect for future, current or past college students. The course was created in collaboration with lawyers who specialize in student loans to dial in on the topics that are crucial to understand and we got their feedback on topics they would want to shout from the rooftop!

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CPAs create value for their clients by addressing fundamental business and accounting questions using data analytics. Learn how to analyze data using Microsoft Excel, and apply what you learn in a case study to help an ice cream store understand their customers and make solid, data-driven decisions.




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